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What Shall We Sing for Easter Sunday?

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1 September
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Mrs. Sarah M. Ponder is in love with growing up and has enjoyed failure as an appetizer before success. She believes in: slow dancing in the kitchen to the Drifters, writing inscriptions in books she gives as gifts, good conversation & comfortable silence, nights like jazz, monster babies, the Civil Rights movement & its continued applicability, Banana Cream Pie, and listening to the Ramones in lieu of modern medicine. She may be found facing the world with the perfect tube of lipstick and a lot of sass.

Searching for: ...I found him.
b&n/borders/hastings, b. bertolucci films, beatrix potter's stories, chernobyl history, clever cluttering, costume jewels, curling together as cats, dainty cloisonne, decadent imaginations, dental hygiene and care, dog heaven, dream resurrecting past, enamel hand mirrors, evenings watching seinfeld, excellent produce sections, fascinating documentaries, fellow savages, fleamarketin', full "sunday names", gents w/ perfect scowls, harvey pekar's american splendor, haunting specters, heavy thick curtains, highly expensive perfume, hippo ballerinas, invisiblity vs. audacity, keeping a muse, knowing suggestive glances, limoges porcelain, living in my thoughts, mainly french authors, mothers as best friends, my dapper brother dentists, nights like jazz, old lady fashion sense, orange blossom's scent, pattern enumeration lore, peanuts holiday specials, personal theories at midnight, pleases & thank yous, pounding lives, retro/kitsch/vintage, riverwurst comics, rocks/fossils/minerals, scottish royalty, shadow boxes & dioramas, shewolves imparticular, similar "lovecats", summer swimming days, super secret confessions, the former raygun magazine, trashy starlets, vintage jewelry/music boxes, vintage nonfiction, vintage xmas finds, waltzing waters, yard sale'in

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